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Tree Health & Hazard Assessment by Seagate Tree Service in Wilmington NC. We provide complete Tree Assessments for Hazards & Health. Our Arborists are well trained in providing an accurate assessment on your tree’s health. Wilmington’s Top Tree Experts. Call 910-617-0169. Best Rates on Tree Services in Wilmington NC.

Trees are our most valuable natural asset, and they provide us with countless memories and benefits. However, no tree is absolutely safe, and – at times – even healthy trees fail.

Seagate Tree Service’s expert arborists are able to help. We can tell you if your landscape contains high-risk or potentially hazardous trees. Our expert consultation will include a recommended course of action and care guidelines.

Our tree assessments are often visual inspections of the rooting zone, root flares, main trunk, scaffold limbs and small limbs. Our arborist’s use binoculars to inspect trees from the ground, or if there is a problem high in the tree that needs closer inspection we will use a climber to ascend the tree.

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