Seagate Tree Service in Wilmington NC is a complete Tree Care Service providing Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming. Serving Wilmington for over 20 years. Best Rates on Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming.

We have the skills, experience, and equipment for large scale tree trimming and reduction at your home or business, Trimming and thinning of tree’s consists of removing excess branches and deadwood, which improves appearance and lightens heavy branches for safety, but keeps the shade.

As trees grow larger year after year, many people underestimate the importance of periodic maintenance. Large, over-weighted branches not only cause huge safety issues, but when one falls on it’s own the break is often at or near the core, severely damaging or even killing the tree.

At Seagate Tree Service, we are specialized in tree trimming, thinning, reduction, and fine-pruning. We take the time to understand our customers’ needs and explain all the options.

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Seagate Tree Service of Wilmington, NC


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