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Stump Grinding Wilmington NC. We can remove unsightly, unwanted tree stumps efficiently, leaving the site ready for a new tree, a new spot on the lawn or another garden feature. We have the Best Rates on Stump Grinding in Wilmington NC.

We have equipment and operators to handle everything from from small tree stumps to old growth stumps and everything in between! Whether you are having a tree removed, or have an old troublesome stump somewhere on your property, Seagate Tree can remove the stump.

Stump grinding and removal is a straightforward process. A high-powered stump grinder is brought in to literally grind down the stump, 8-12 inches below ground level (sometimes lower, depending on what will be done with the area).

Those ugly roots are more than just unsightly, they are frequently the culprits of cracked foundations, sidewalks and driveways, and damaged underground pipes. Older homes are especially prone to tree root damage, as fine root hairs probe for moisture, find the wet clay-based sewer drainage lines, and work at the joints to break apart pipes.

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